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Cathedral Classics brings 60+ year-old parishioners together in an active atmosphere of participation in the life of the parish and faith enrichment. Classics build community and offer friendship, education and spirituality. We represent to the parish: gifts of wisdom through life experiences lived in faith, hope through hard times lived in fortitude, generosity of loving and giving even in sacrifice. Meetings are held the first Friday of each month at the Pantry restaurant after the 7:30 AM Mass. Coffee and rolls are served. Members take turns helping with refreshments. Contact: Paul Keating, 402.730.3459.

Cathedral Tours are available upon request. A guided tour includes information on the history of the parish and the physical structure–windows, mosaics, statues, etc. Guests are also invited to view the Bishop’s Chapel, sacristy and choir loft. Contact: Church Office, 402.488.0948.

Greeter Ministry serves as a living expression of God's kindness. We offer a kind welcome to those entering the Cathedral to worship. Individuals, couples and families are encouraged to participate in this ministry. Contact: Shirley Ficke, 402.488.4430.

Offertory Gifts: Couples and families have an opportunity to participate in the Mass in a special way by carrying the gifts of bread, wine and water to the Altar at Offertory. Contact: Church Office, 402.488.0948

Cathedral Council is a consultative and collaborative body designed to assist the pastor in making decisions regarding both spiritual and temporal matters. It is made up of nine elected members and two appointed trustees. A synopsis of the proceedings from the monthly meetings is published in the bulletin. Contact: Msgr. Tucker, 402.488.0948.

Ushers welcome individuals to Cathedral, assist with seating, assign a family or couple to take up the gifts, hand out bulletins, straighten the church following Masses, and other duties as needed, including special celebrations by the Bishop. There are monthly assignments. Contact: Cathedral office 402.488-0948.

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