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Perpetual Adoration

Perpetual Adoration

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We encourage our parishioners to live a life of stewardship in which we return gratefully to God a tithe of our time, talent and treasurer. In Cathedral Parish there are numerous opportunities to get involved.

The first row of pews of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel are reserved for persons in Perpetual Adoration. The living Christ in the Tabernacle is honored by an around-the-clock chain of prayers. Year in and year out there is at least one person in this Cathedral praying in front of the Tabernacle. The Perpetual Adoration Program was begun in 1959. People volunteering for Perpetual Adoration take one hour of prayer each week.

Come and Pray – Jesus extends this personal invitation to each of us. There is a great need for substitute adorers. When a regular adorer is out of town or ill, there is a need for someone to fill in for them. If your schedule does not permit you to take a regular hour, please prayerfully consider being a substitute. Please call Rita Santana at 402.421.2918 to sign-up.

OPEN HOUR: see current bulletin for details.