St. Joseph Catholic Church



Cathedral School

1953 - Present

In August 1953, 104 students formed the first classes at the Holy Family School. With no specific school building, they met at the Saint Thomas Orphanage for the first year. The original school building was built in September, 1954. The student body almost doubled to 205 children in grades K-8 who studied with the Benedictine Sisters from Yankton, SD. When the Cathedral was built in 1965, Holy Family School became Cathedral of the Risen Christ School. Since this time the school has increased in size twice by additional construction. Today's student body has doubled again to 400 students in grades K-8, as well as 50 students in preschool.

Liturgy plays a central role for each student and staff members at Cathedral. Daily attendance at Mass, with students participating in preparation, reading, petitions, and offertory places the Mass in first priority. Core subjects of religion, math, science, social studies, reading, and literature are taught on a daily basis, with new, updated materials always available.

Cathedral school has initiated other programs to provide services to the community. A preschool program began in 1991 to provide classes for children from ages three through five. In 1992, the Extended Daycare Program was opened. This program provides before and after school care for students attending Cathedral. In 1996, the Cathedral Holy Family Care Center was created. This center provides year-round, all-day care for children from ages 3 years through sixth grade. All three of these programs are housed in the Holy Family Child Care Center.