St. Joseph Catholic Church


Mission Statement

Cathedral Altar

Cathedral of the Risen Christ School’s primary purpose is to assist in the formation of students who will ultimately possess strong religious values, academic integrity, individual responsibility, and a clear sense of citizenship. The following objectives have been defined as those being most central to the ultimate realization of our goal:

  1. Cathedral recognizes that parents have been entrusted by God with the responsibility of educating their children and that the school’s role is to assist parents with this task.
  2. Students should be assisted at every step along the path to their ultimate goal which is salvation of their immortal souls and knowledge of their responsibility to God.
  3. Cathedral of the Risen Christ must prepare students through sound instruction for future education or employment. This is best accomplished through an atmosphere that stresses the following:
    • respect for and recognition of the dignity of all human beings
    • the importance of effective and logical communication
    • an appreciation for our nation’s laws and political processes
    • academic excellence by utilizing a rigorous and challenging curriculum
    • ability in the area of problem-solving, especially those requiring sound Catholic principles
    • adequate competence in defending the faith.